Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Against "elitism"

Courtesy of last night's Colbert Report comes this pithy segment against "elitism." And no, it's not against elitism per se. Instead, it's directed against a political culture that impugns relativism, only then to turn around and assail those who appear to have a modicum of intelligence or expertise. The segment's about the charge of elitism, in other words, and its disingenuous use. Brilliant (elitist?) stuff. Enjoy.


Brett Boessen said...

Ted, I've got one word for this post of yours: ELITIST!

Look at how you make a nuanced and intelligent distinction between "elitism" and the "charge of elitism"! Horrific!

And what about your use of insanely elitist words like "disingenuous," "impugn," "assail" and "courtesy"! I can feel you trying to warp my mind with knowledge right now! Get back you devil! My mind will not be dirtied (you'd probably say "sullied" but I won't rise to your level) by your evil-itude! No sir! (Can you tell I'm angry?! Well, just look at how many exclamation points I'm using!!!)

I'm going to read all your posts from now on just to keep my eye on you and your elitist ways!


Ted Striphas said...


"Nuanced" and "intelligent," eh? Where's the plain speak in that? Your only saving grace is, as you note, your excessive use of exclamation points! Everyone knows only elites use periods. See.


Brett Boessen said...

Damn. Thought I had you.