Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Houston, we have a cover

At long last my book, The Late Age of Print, has a cover. I absolutely love it.

The cover is designed around an image by the photographer Cara Barer, whose work my friend Rachel turned me on to. (Thanks, Rachel.) I like how it captures both the beauty and grunginess of printed books--their persistence and decay--in our time. This is one of the key themes or tensions that I explore throughout The Late Age of Print. I'm thrilled with how the designers at Columbia University Press have managed to capture and convey it with such simplicity.

The other bit of good news is that The Late Age of Print is now listing on, with a release date set for sometime in March 2009. You cannot yet pre-order it, unfortunately, since the book hasn't been priced. You can sign up to be notified by email when it becomes available, though.

I just received the final page proofs yesterday, incidentally, and the book is being indexed as we speak. What a joy to watch the text's transformation into an artifact! Stay tuned for more.

P.S. A quick update to say that The Late Age of Print is now available for pre-order on It costs $27.50 in hardback, which, given the price of academic books these days, is a pretty good deal. Kudos to Columbia University Press for keeping the price down.


Shayne Pepper said...

Wow, the cover looks fantastic!

Ted Striphas said...

Thanks v. much for the kind words, Shayne.

little lori said...

That is beautiful!! How lucky for you.


Ted Striphas said...

...thanks, Lori!

Jason Baird Jackson said...

It looks wonderful, congratulations!

Greg said...

Not that we want to judge the book by its cover :) but it's nice that the cover is as great as I'm sure the inside of the book is.

Ted Striphas said...

Hey Greg & Jason,

Thanks v. much for the kind words about the cover--and feel free to judge away! :)

Joshie Juice said...

That is a BRILLIANT cover. VERY VERY NICE. I am so happy when I see book people have a clue; the person who put this cover together deserves a medal. Congrats!