Friday, January 27, 2006


Am I the only one who's getting tired of waiting for the third installment of Lefebvre's Critique of Everyday Life to be released? By chance I happened to check my account on, and found that I had pre-ordered COELvIII almost two-and-a-half years ago! Last I heard, the publisher, Verso, was aiming for a January 2006 release date--which obviously has been pushed back several times already. Given that it's the 27th today, I'm not very optimistic about their chances of getting it out before the month ends. Does anyone have any information on what's delayed the book for so long, or on when it might actually come out? Sigh....


Anonymous said...

I think Verso's in a lot of financial trouble right now.

Ted Striphas said...


Thanks for writing. Your response makes a lot of sense, especially given all the time and cost translations seem to incur. Let's just hope that they manage to get the volume out--and that the financial trouble Verso is facing isn't too dire. They're too good and important a publisher to see go.