Monday, May 14, 2007

And the winner is...

After sifting through what can only be desribed as an avalanche of entries (there were four), I'm pleased to report that the winner of the first ever D&R caption contest is "caraf." Her entry: "Daddy, it's not what my poop MEANS, but rather what it DOES that matters!" Smart, witty, and creative stuff. Her caption kind of reminds me of the line from A Thousand Plateaus, "Words are not tools, but we give children language, pens, and notebooks as we give workers shovels and pickaxes" (p. 76).

Caraf is hereby bestowed with the title of WINNER!!! and is presented with the following certificate, which, no doubt, will find a prominent place among her other honors and awards.

Thanks to all of you who shared your time and creative energies. Please don't feel discouraged if you didn't win. It was, honestly, a pretty competitive pool. And besides, I'll probably have another caption contest next year, assuming that I can find an interesting enough image.


groo said...

No need to have another caption contest next year. . . . Now that you have provided the image of the suitable-for-framing certificate, my task for the forseeable future is to (1) capture the image, (2) photoshop my name into the winning form, (3) print, (4) have printed certificate framed, and (5) add title of "winner" in a prominent place on my CV.

dhawhee said...

hooray caraf!! our dept head will want to know about your achievement!

Ted Striphas said...

Yes, indeed, anyone can become the D&R caption contest big WINNER!!! in this digital age of ours. Maybe next year I'll find some way to digitally rights manage the award certificate to make it more exclusive. :)

In any case, everyone should spread the good word about caraf's fine achievement. It's an auspicious honor, to be sure, and worthy of broad public recognition.