Friday, June 06, 2008

Something to ponder - Successories® edition

I was thumbing through the Skymall catalog on my last airplane trip and stumbled upon the page for Successories®. That's the company that sells those hokey "motivational" wall hangings that adorn many a corporate office. Well, for some reason today I happened to be thinking about the company' s slogans (they're hard to shake, I suppose), which stress the virtues of character, excellence, determination, and above all, teamwork. This prompted...

Something to ponder, #3: Why do people make such a big deal about there being no "I" in "team," when the letters "M" and "E" both are so glaringly there?


Kim Christen said...

Check out the demotivators for a good counterpoint to the successories. They are hilarious ( My favorite is the pessimist's mug.

Ted Striphas said...

...very funny! Thanks for the link, Kim!