Thursday, January 22, 2009

New issue of Culture Machine and...

Before getting down to business with the TOC for the latest issue of Culture Machine, I thought I'd put in a plug for Gary Hall's latest effort. It's called Digitize This Book! The Politics of New Media, or Why We Need Open Access Now (U of MN Press, 2008). The text is something of a manifesto for why Gary does what he does as editor of Culture Machine. It's also so much more. I'd recommend the book highly to anyone navigating their way through the academy and its atavistic publishing apparatus.

We are pleased to announce a new edition of the open-access journal
Culture Machine:


Tenth Anniversary Issue, edited by Gary Hall

This tenth anniversary issue of Culture Machine explores how the development of various forms of digital culture and ‘internet piracy’ is affecting notions of authorship, intellectual property, copyright law, publication, attribution, citation, accreditation, fair use, content creation and cultural production that were established pre-internet. Contributors address the theme of piracy in the content and/or by playing provocatively with the form of their texts.

The ‘Pirate Philosophy’ issue features:
  • Gary Hall, ‘Pirate Philosophy (Version 1.0): Open Access, Free Content, Free/Libre/Open Media’
  • Adrian Johns, ‘Piracy as a Business Force’
  • Jonas Andersson, ‘For the Good of the Net: The Pirate Bay as a Strategic Sovereign’
  • Don Joyce, Negativland, ‘Vapor Music’
  • Kembrew McLeod, ‘Crashing the Spectacle: A Forgotten History of Digital Sampling, Infringement, Copyright Liberation and the End of Recorded Music’
  • Alexander R. Galloway, ‘Debord’s Nostalgic Algorithm’
  • Mark Amerika, ‘Source Material Everywhere: The Alfred North Whitehead Remix’
  • Gary Hall, Clare Birchall and Pete Woodbridge, ‘Liquid Theory TV’
  • Gary Hall and Clare Birchall, ‘New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader’


The Culture Machine journal publishes new work from both established figures and up-and-coming writers. It is fully refereed, and has an International Advisory Board which includes Geoffrey Bennington, Robert Bernasconi, Sue Golding, Lawrence Grossberg, Peggy Kamuf, Alphonso Lingis, Meaghan Morris, Paul Patton, Mark Poster, Avital Ronell, Nicholas Royle and Kenneth Surin.

Culture Machine welcomes original, unpublished submissions on any aspect of culture and theory. All contributions to Culture Machine are refereed anonymously. Anyone with material they wish to submit for publication is invited to contact:

Culture Machine c/o Dave Boothroyd and Gary Hall
e-mail: and

Culture Machine is part of Open Humanities Press:

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